Bicycling Info

There are many bike rental shops near the condo.  A cruiser bike runs about $30 – 50 a week, depending on the newness of the bicycle.  Although all of them keep their bikes in running condition, some of the older bikes may have rattles, etc.  All that we have rented include delivery, pick-up, basket and lock.

Bike Rental: Sharky’s

Close to condo.  $40 a week for a cruiser bike.  Bikes run from 2 to 4 years old.  Includes basket and lock, probably delivery and pick-up; but have not rented from them  yet.   83 Pope Ave.,    843-671-4484

Bike Rental: Pedals

Close to condo.  Cheap rates for cruiser bike rental — $30 per week.  Deliver bikes to condo and pick up.  Includes basket and lock.   You can find newer bike rentals, but all Pedal’s bikes function properly.  We have used Pedal’s a lot in the past.    71 Pope Ave.,    843-842-5522

Bike Rental, Repair, Sales: The Bike Doctor

A classic bike shop that sells shoes, helmets, bikes, etc.  You can also rent bikes.  They will also rent geared bikes.   31 New Orleans Rd.,   843-681-7531